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Tacoma Second Battery Tray

Tacoma Second Battery Tray

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  • Adds a second battery to your Off-Road model Tacoma. The largest battery that fits in the passenger side location is a Group 27 (Same as stock). A group 31 is too large and why limit yourself to a small group 34.
  • Neatly organizes all your auxiliary electric needs by having previsionary space for a relay control box, breaker and battery control module.
  • Clean and aesthetically pleasing, this tray and kit follow the lines and appearances of an OEM setup.


  • Designed for the Optima Yellow or Blue Top group 27 battery.
  • Provides mounting location for a Blue Sea ML-ACR (bracket with threaded holes and stainless torx bolts)
  • Neatly arranges a mounting location for a Bussmann RTMR relay and fuse box, and has holes for sPOD Bantam
  • A cut out for a Bussmann surface mount breaker
  • Custom cut aluminum bridge to connect RTMR and breaker
  • Delrin top battery tie down. Non conductive and will not cause a short if battery were to come loose.
  • The tray is laser jet cut from 1/8" steel and not coated (requires paint)
  • Hardware (nut, bolts, mounting torque screws, and battery tie down rods) are all marine grade stainless.


  • Fits 2005-2011 Off-Road ATRAC Models with no relocation and minimal fitting.
  • Fits 2012-2015 Off-Road ATRAC Models with relocation of emission pump (kit coming soon)
  • If your Tacoma has this unit, the tray will not work.
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