Terms and Conditions

All orders are final and there are no refunds or returns allowed.

All international orders will be refunded, shipping is limited to the United States. Free shipping is for the continental United States (CONUS), shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may be extra.

Orders that are part of a "Group Buy" are subject to the terms and conditions determined by the hosting group or forum. These orders are subject to a delay as the products are pre ordered and they assembled/manufactured before shipment.

If there are any issues or defects upon receipt of a product, please contact us immediately. Once products are mounted, fixed, and/or modified, they are considered used. Used products cannot be warrantied for defects.

In buying products manufactured, designed, and sold by IGGYCORP, Purchaser agrees not to reproduce, reverse engineer, duplicate, or manufacture any duplicates of our products. Purchaser also agrees to not engage in any action that would result in the duplication of Products for resell or manufacture by a Dealer or any other organization, company, person, etc. Customer/Purchaser may not purchase or use any IGGYCORP products for the purpose and intent of development and redesign of a similar alternative, or substitute product. Purchaser agrees not to engage in any practice that would involve compromising our company market share or our customer base due to redistribution, redesign, re-engineering, manufacturing, etc. any of our products. Purchaser agrees to not provide any design knowledge or specifics whatsoever to our competitors, companies, and/or individuals; All information regarding our products design and specification should be held as our trade secrets. Purchaser of product is held accountable and punishable by law to fullest extent for any product specifications, dimensions, photographs, etc. that are shared with competitors, individuals, etc in an effort to re-create, resell, redistribute, or redesign our products or similar products.


Modifying your vehicle can affect its safety and road worthiness. 

IGGYCORP gaurantees its products we fabricate to perform up to its intended use. However, we cannot be responsible and do not accept liability, for breakage or failure of parts as a result of rugged off-road use or reckless installation. Modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk and IGGYCORP does not accept liability or responsibility arising from damage caused by installing parts or doing modifications. You should be aware that certain modifications and installation of certain aftermarket parts may under certain circumstances void vehicle and or other product warranties. 

Products fabricated, manufactured and/or sold by IGGYCORP may not meet national, state, or local DOT standards. Please check local and state laws before installing any product. We cannot be held responsible for any violation due to installation of our products.

Modification of any products sold by IGGYCORP may create dangerous conditions, which could cause serious bodily injury, and the buyer hereby expressly assumes all risks associated with any such modifications.

By purchasing a product from IGGYCORP you are agreeing that use of this product in any on road or off road situation has inherent risks and IGGYCORP will not and/or can not be held responsible for loss of life, injury, or property/vehicle  damage resulting in the use of our products. If you do not agree, simply return unused and uninstalled product for a full refund.

All parts fabricated, manufactured and/or sold by IGGYCORP are intended for OFF-ROAD use only.