Scepter/MCI Water Can Cap

Scepter/MCI Water Can Cap

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This is a preorder for the scepter can cap. See video for more details.

The part is being optimized for production printing and we are also waiting on the connectors. These will ship as soon as the connectors are received.

What's included:

  • Blue cap with black vent bolt (vanity cover no longer needed since the parts have been optimized)
  • Gaskets for cap and bolt.
  • 24" of silicon hose
  • Bulk head connector
  • Brass weight in video not included.

Optional black lid with blue vent bolt. Please be advised that this cap if left exposed to the sun may absorb too much heat, use at your own discretion. 

Please note that this has not been approved or tested for potable/drinking water use. Do not use with fuel or any liquid other than water.

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