Power Distribution System

Power Distribution System

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The Power Distribution System (PDS) is clean solution for providing power to all your vehicle accessories. It houses 5 fused relays and has several options for vehicle integration. The PDS can be made complete for the 2nd generation Tacoma's as a plug and play system.

Please note, these are made to order and there may be a 1-2 week delay in shipping.

Options Include:

Base Model (No Options)

Relay module with 7" power and relay leads. This option does not include power cables to connect to a power source.

Tacoma Bracket w/ 80A Breaker

Adds a bracket for mounting on the driver side firewall on 2005-2015 Tacoma's. Includes an 80A breaker, ground buss bar and power cables for connecting to your stock battery.


Switchbacks Low - This harness connects the PDS to your Carling rocker switches in the area around the center console. This is designed to be used with our Switch Panels. Length is 48"

Flag Connectors High - This harness connects the PDS to your Carling rocker switches in the area above the rear view mirror in the sunglass holder. This option includes a 6 switch holder with 1 blank and uses flag connectors instead of switch backs for clearance. Length is 90".


Generic Blue Switches - Comes with 5 generic SPST switches that illuminate blue when activated. This option does not illuminate when the parking lights are on and the sub harness wiring reflects this option.

Customer Supplied Switches - We recommend OTRATTW for the correct Carling switches and custom rockers. Our default harness is made for "Independent lower and dependent upper" SPST switches, please contact us if you are using different switches. This option will illuminate with the parking lights.

Relay Output Connectors

DTP - Deutsch connector are one of the best connectors on the market. They offer weather resistance and reliable connect/disconnect over a many uses.

Metripack - These connectors offer the same weather resistance as the DTP but are not rated for the same number of connect/disconnects. A great cost effective alternative if you are not disconnecting from your PDS multiple times.